Welcome to my blog!

My name is Natacha. I’m French on paper, born and raised in Greece and currently living in the UK and working as a Game’s Programmer for an indie studio.

I have three passions in life: books, travel and landscape photography (I’m not good at it, but I’m trying my best).

I started this blog, so I can share my love of travel, books, and photography and in the process maybe help others discovered new things. From new stories and authors to a new holiday destination or just travel with your mind with the help of my photographs.

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What to Visit in 24 Hours in Oslo | Honeymoon in Norway | Day 2

In our itinerary, we only had one day to spend in Oslo. But there are so many things to do between cruises, hikes, museums, guided tours, kayaking, sight viewing tours and so much more. How to choose? The way we chose was based on the rest of the activities that we had booked during our…

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London to Oslo and the Queue from Hell| Honeymoon in Norway | Day 1

After a beautiful wedding day, it was time for us to pack our hiking boots and raincoats and make our way to the airport for our exciting honeymoon in Norway! Our flight was in the afternoon but we knew the situation at the airports where chaotic so we went 3 hours earlier. Initially, it didn’t…

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