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Exploring the UK – Whitby & Scarborough

A couple of years ago we went for a weekend getaway to Whitby and a small seaside town in Yorkshire, which is also known for having some of the best fish and chips.


We arrived late in the afternoon so there was not much to do on arrival apart from leaving our luggages at our hotel and going out to check those famous fish and chips. I’ll be honest they are worth their fame! We found one of the most know places for fish and chips, we had to actually queue and wait for a little before a table was available for us, but it was worth the wait! 

We there wonder a little bit around and enjoyed the light of the town coming on as the night fell.

The next morning our plan was to visit Whitby Abbey, that stands tall and proud on top on the hill overlooking the harbour, the take the car and drive to Robin Hood’s Bay and finally drive to Scarborough. I love the song so we couldn’t pass the opportunity to see what this town is all about.

Whitby Abbey

As Mention above Whitby Abbey is situated on the top on the hill overlooking the harbour of Whitby. There are 199 steps leading to the Abbey, quite the exercise to start your morning.

Whitby Abbey was a 7th-century Christian monastery that later became a Benedictine abbey and the remaining are very impressive

Robin Hood’s Bay

After the Abbey, we stop at a small café for a coffee for lunch before making our way to Robin Hood’s Bay.

Robin Hood’s Bay is a small fishing village and a bay located in the North York Moors National Park, 6 miles south of Whitby. It was small and very graphic and not surprisingly there were a lot of people visiting.



Our last stop of the day was the town of Scarborough Fair. I’ll be honest the only reason why I wanted to visit the town is because of the song. For you how don’t know the song please give it a listen:

Aside from the song Scarborough is a resort town on England’s North Sea coast. Its 2 bays with sandy beaches are split by a headland bearing the 12th-century Scarborough Castle.

And since I love everything medieval you obviously had to check the castle.

The ruins, as well as the view from the walls of the castle, were quite the show.

 After visiting the castle we when for diner and made our way back to Whitby.


This was day one of our little getaway weekend. I apologize for the lack of details but as a mentioned this was a couple of years ago and my memory is failing me. This is the reason why I started blogging my travels, so I can also go back and re-read my experiences.

I hope you still enjoyed this short little post of mine. Day 2 coming soon…


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