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Exploring the UK – Grosmont Rail Trail

Day 2 was hiking day. We love hiking and usually everywhere we go we try to go for a nice walk to see the country side and nature.

In the region, there is North Yorkshire Moor Railway which as the name suggest it’s a railway that connected small towns but is also known for having steam-hauled locomotive that can take you from Whitby to Pickering  and back.

You can find more details here:

We didn’t want to go up to Pickering but we still wanted to take the stream- hauled locomotive. So we booked our departure specifically with this train up Goathland Station and them we plan to walk back down to Grosmont Station and then take a train (diesel this time) back to Whitby.

The little tchou tchou train arrived and you immediately felt thrown back in time.

And if you make the pictures black and white you are back in the 30s.

We climb on board and we rode nice a slowly along the moor up to Goathland Station.

Once in Goathland, we took the walking trail back down to Grosmont. Here you can find the map of the walk: map

The scenery like always was very pretty and despite the weather not being the best it did fit with the surroundings.

The walk was around 3.5 miles mostly flat (like most of England). Towards the end, of course, it started raining and we were glad to be able to find two places to sit at the pub at the station while waiting for our train.

As I mentioned above the train we took back to Whitby was a normal diesel one but I thought it was still very pretty.

And this is about it. Once back in Whitby we went back to our accommodation took a nice hot shower, when for a walk and diner and got ready to go back home the next morning.

Hope you enjoyed this little trip. Let me know in the comment below if you being in the area and what if you like it!

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