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Diving in Santorini – Greece Travel Guide

Santorini is one of, if not the most, famous Greek Island. It is known for its active volcano, dramatic rocky landscape, blue domes and unforgettable sunsets over the Aegean Sea. But in this article we will explore Santorini from another point of view, underwater.

We booked two dives with Santorini Dive Center next to the Caldera Beach. I would highly recommend them. The staff was very nice, professional and well-organized.

First Dive

The first dive was, of course, at a little island in the caldera of the volcano. We took a small boat for a 20min sail to Nea Kameni. The first thing that you notice as soon as the boat anchors, is the colour of the water. It has a green hue due to the volcano sulphur in the water. Do not worry the amount of sulphur is not dangerous to humans in any way.

When you get into the water you can also quickly notice that, again, because of the volcano and the sulphur, there is not much sea life there.

However, what makes it a very interesting dive (apart from diving next to an active volcano) is the fact that at very shallow waters there is a small ship wreck that even divers without a wreck dive certificate can explore.

It starts at around 3 metres deep and goes no further than 10 metres deep.

The dive around 50 minutes, and then we were back onto the boat and on our way to Caldera Beach at the main island.


Second Dive

The second dive was a beach dive. We started the dive directly for Caldera Beach and dived along the cliff wall. This dive had obviously way more marine life to enjoy as well and an ancient amphora vase!

Hope you liked this other side of Santorini and I will end this article with of course a photo of those world-renown sunsets…

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