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24 Hours to visit Oslo

Honeymoon in Norway – Day 2

In our itinerary, we only had only 24 hours to visit Oslo. But there are so many things to do between cruises, hikes, museums, guided tours, kayaking, sight viewing tours and so much more. How to choose?

The way we chose was based on the rest of the activities that we had booked during our holidays. That quickly eliminated fjord cruise, kayaking and other adrenaline activities. Then we wanted something that will not take all day so we can do more than one activity on that day, which eliminates guided tours or sight viewing tours.

So what did we choose? Well, one thing had grabbed my intention as we were walking the previous night through the centre. Sings for the Fram museum.

Now I have a confection, I’m not a museum person. However, when it is something short and different I’m interested. And the Fram museum looked like one of those. Right next to it was the Kon-Tiki museum, another one that look quite different and interesting. They are located in Bydgoy which is outside of Oslo, and you can get there either by bus or sail across with a boat. We chose the bus as it’s a great opportunity to see the surroundings.

TIP: Oslo has a day pass, which gives you access to public transport, free access to museums and activities as well as discounts in restaurants. They have a 24, 48 and 72 hours pass, that you can either buy from the Oslo Pass mobile application or buy a pass from the Visitor Center.

Check the pass here

Kon-Tiki Museum

The Kon-Tiki museum tells the story of Thor Heyerdahl, one of history’s most famous explorers, who in 1947 he crossed the Pacific Ocean on the balsawood raft Kon-Tiki. Thor Heyerdahl after succeeding in his Kon-Tiki continued his adventure with his voyage on the Ra and Tigris reed boats.

Fram Museum

Just next to the Kon-Tiki museum you’ll find the Fram museum. It tells the story of the Norwegian polar expedition and at its centre, it has the world´s strongest wooden polar ship, Framof Gjoa. You can go on board and take a look around in her cabins, lounges, cargo hold and engine room.

Both really were extremely interesting and I highly recommend both of them, especially for families with children.

Next to the Fram museum, there is the National Maritime Museum which also seemed very interesting but unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time.


National Museum

After those two museums and a quick lunch at the cafeteria, we went back to Olso centre and there we visited the National Museum.

Unfortunately, this one wasn’t for us. The museum opened 11th of June 2022 and exhibits and promotes Norway’s largest collections of art, architecture and design. But it also has a large exhibition about…. replicas of famous objects from around the world? They have a Roman, Greek and Egyptian exhibition where they had replicas of famous statues, which to be honest wasn’t really what we wanted to see. So mixed feelings about this one but other visitors might find it amazing.

Slottsplassen and the Royal Park

To finish the day on a high we quickly pop to see Slottsplassen (palace square) and the Royal park. The park is absolutely beautiful and not crowded (at least when we visited). We even got to see what I think was a guard change.

That’s it for our first official day in Norway. We only had 24 Hours to visit Oslo but we tried to make the best of it. Stay tuned for more.

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