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Cruising through Mofjorden & Hiking Mt Slottet

Honeymoon in Norway Day 5

So many things to see, so little time… Norway is famous for its breathtaking fjords. But do you take a cruise to enjoy the dramatic rock walls falling into the sea? Or hike to the top of a mountain to have an eagle view over the fjord? Well, we did both in one day. A beautiful cruise through Mofjorden that ended with hiking Mt Slottet

Mofjorden Cruise

When I was looking for fjord cruises from Bergen, I couldn’t find something I was happy with. Some were taking way too long (6–7 hours on a cruise ship). Others were not going quite where I wanted, and others didn’t stop for passengers to get off and explore other areas.

Until I found the perfect one…

The ship would sail from Bergen, through Romarheimsfjorden, which extends along the border of Alver and Osterøy municipalities. Then it enters Modalen where it continues to the Mostraumen, a 60-metre-wide and 650 metres long channel. On the other side of the channel, the fjord continues for another 18 kilometres and ends at the village of Mo.

At Mo, there is a hike that takes hikers up to the top of Mt Slotter for a panoramic view over the fjord.

Sold and booked!

So on day 5 we woke up in the morning, had a full-on breakfast and headed to the port where we boarded the cruise ship. The weather was a little gloomy and chill, so we found a nice seat next to a huge window, so we could be warm and cozy but still enjoy the view.

As expected, the landscape was beautiful and dramatic (although not as much as in New Zealand, in my opinion). The captain gave us information about the area through the sail, and also made a quick stop under a waterfall for photos.

Mofjorden — Photo by the Author

Hiking Mt Slottet

We arrived at Mo after 1.5 hours and the cruise ship docked just for 2 minutes for the people who had booked the hike to disembark.

The cruise does two daily routes, so the second one will take us back to Bergen just after the hike.

As stated when booking the experience, our guide was waiting for us as soon as we disembarked from the ship. There, she offered us some food/snacks for when we reach the top (dried deer and something that looked like a sausage). She then explained how the day will unfold and off we went.

We were a small group of ten. We took two cars (the guide’s car and her sister-in-law’s, very folklore) to the starting point of our hike, just 5 minutes from Mo.

The path to the top was a proper hike. There is no path, just some markings on trees and rocks (hence why you need a guide to do this hike). We had to jump over streams, climb rocks and try not to step in mud puddles. I had so much fun, and it felt like a proper “wild” hike!

It’s on hikes like this one that we come to appreciate good hiking gear, especially hiking boots. It can be done with everyday trainers (like some of our fellow hikers on this trip), however, shoes and socks will get very wet and very muddy, very fast. Not only that, but it can be very slippery. Something that some of our fellow hikers discover when their trainers couldn’t get a good grip, and they fell ass-first into the mud. No one was hurt, but we had a good laugh.

It took us around 1.5 hours to reach the top of Mt Slottel and the amazing view over the fjord.

Hiking Mt Slottet - view on our way up
Hiking Mt Slottet - view on our way up
View from the top of Mt Slottet — Photo from the Author
Hiking Mt Slottet - view from the top
View from the top of Mt Slottet — Photo from the Author

By the time we reached the top, luckily, the drizzle had stopped, and the sun was out. There we had our well-deserved lunch and enjoyed the surrounding. 20 minutes later, it was time to head back to catch the cruise ship back to Bergen.

A funny fact, as soon as we reached the cars down from the mountain, it started pouring cats and dogs! I can’t imagine the state we would have been if it had rained like that during our descent!

Back in Bergen, we went to our hotel for a nice hot shower, and then we were out again searching for a place for dinner. Once again we haven’t booked anything, so we struggle a little, but we found a small hidden tapas place. Although once again, tapas is not quite what we wanted to eat while visiting Norway, the place was quiet and the food was delicious, exactly what we needed.

That’s the end of day 5. A delightful day and a great way to combine cruising the fjords and enjoying an activity in nature. Highly recommend it! Stay tuned for our next adventure!

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