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Driving from Bergen to Sogndal Through Flam

Norway Honeymoon Day 7

On the road again! After getting some rest, it was time to pack our stuff and leave our hotel to explore a new place. Our new destination? Sogndal. We would be driving from Bergen to Sogndal through the village of Flam. The drive would be about 4–5 hours.

The scenery throughout the way was exactly how I imagined it! Tall mountains with waterfalls everywhere getting lost in the greenery. This is what I signed up for! The view clued me to the car window the entire drive! We, of course,e had some quick photo stops along the way. 

The scenery while driving from Bergen to Sogndal though Flam
The scenery while driving from Bergen to Sogndal though Flam
Photo on the way to Sogndal


Flam is a small village in an area known for. you quested it, it’s fjords. It is around 2 hours from Bergen and when I researched things to do around the area of Bergen, Flam kept popping up.

As the fjord where it sits is beautiful, there are many cruises you can take and other activities to do to enjoy the fjord. It is also known for its scenic railway. A 2-hours round trip through mesmerizing mountain scenery from Bergen to Flam.

There is one other activity that I had my eyes on. The longest zipline in Norway. A line of 1381 meters in length and 350 meters above the ground. I’m scared of heights, but I still wanted to try it. 

There was a day activity package that included a train ride to the start of the zipline through the amazing scenery, the zipline line, and then bike rental to get back to Flam.

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But unfortunately, no matter how much I wanted to do that, the truth was that we would be short of time and tired after this. So we ditched that plan, but I’ll be back one day!

Instead, we just stopped at Flam for lunch. We bought some sandwiches from a local store and sat on a bench overlooking the fjord.

Driving from Bergen to Sogndal through Flam - The village of Flam
Driving from Bergen to Sogndal through Flam - View from Flam
View over the Fjord from Flam

The Boat Ride

Norway has so many fjord and mountains that getting from one pace to another can take hours through mountains. So aside from tunnels to help the connection between towns, they also have small fairies that will sail from one side of the fjord to the other. 

When driving from Bergen to Sogndal, we had to take one of those. It surprised me how easy it was. Most of the boat crossings are using the motorway pass that was given to us by the renting company. So we just had to show up, get in the boat and enjoy the ride. 

Another amazing fact was how silent and the boat was. Not sure if the boat was electric (is that a thing?) or the engine room was so well soundproofed, but you couldn’t hear a thing. Which made the 20 minutes crossing a nice a clam break. 

Driving from Bergen to Sogndal through Flam - The scenery of the boat
The scenery of the boat
Photos from the boat crossing — Photos from the Author


We finally arrived at Sogndal. This time we had rented a cabin in a holiday park. Two reasons for that. The first was because we actually struggle to find anything available when booking our hotels and second reason… LAUNDRY! When planning our itinerary, we knew at this point we will be running low on undies… So we looked for a place what offered those facilities.

This place was a dream place for families with children. They had everything: swimming pool, indoor playground, barbecue area, bike renting everything that a family needs. I worried it might be noisy or end up having some weird neighbour walking around in their underwear, but I was wrong. It was a very silent place. 

Our cabin in Sogndal
Our cabin -Photo from the author

We spent our evening doing laundry (super exciting activity!), cooking dinner and getting ready for the next day, which promised to be amazing as we will hike on a glacier. I was so looking for it!

This was our beautiful day driving from Bergen to Sogndal. Follow me if you want to read more about our hike on a glacier!

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