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Driving Around Lustrafjorden

The previous days had been quite adventurous that included an amazing hike on Nigardsbreen Glacier. As we expected the next day, we were still a little exhausted, so we had planned a relaxed day. Contrary to our failed day in Bergen this time, I had done some research and had a tiny plan. We would have a lovely drive around Lustrafjorden. The road will take us to Skjolden, then to Ornes and from there we would take a ferry to Solvorn (instead of driving back) with stops for photos and lunch.

Driving around Lustrafjorden

It was the first day when the weather wasn’t on our side. It was very cloudy and rain was imminent. But the main plan was to drive around so it wouldn’t be an issue. Not only that, but sometimes some landscapes have a completely different and dramatic feeling when it’s cloudy and raining. So I was actually happy that it was raining.

From our cabin to Skjolden the road was nice even though it was narrower that the road we had taken the previous days. The landscape was as beautiful as expected.

As we drove around on the other side of the fjord I noticed a (surprise surprise) waterfall.

Driving Around Lustrafjorden - Feigumfossen waterfall

I googled it and the Feigumfossen Waterfall and was on our route. We hope that the weather will be clear as we were with trainers and jeans, not the right equipment for a hike in the rain.

We slowly made our way, and we arrived at Skholden, which is a small village just at the end of Lustrafjorden. Obviously, we stopped for some photos.

Driving Around Lustrafjorden - Skholden

Photoshoot over, we were now on our way to Ornes and the waterfall I had spotted.

Warm Coffee in a Boathouse

As soon as we left Skholden behind, we noticed that the road became way more narrow. So much so that in some places there was room only for one car. It was even more impressive when we actually saw a local bus. How on earth do they drive on this tiny road full of turns?! It was a little unnerving, but I really like the surroundings.

After a good 20 minutes, we reached the area of Feigom. There is where the waterfall is situated. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived, it was pouring down. No way we could hike to the waterfall without getting soaked to the bones.

There was a Plan B. Just further down where we parked, there was a tiny cafe. The cafe was a converted boathouse, and it was absolutely adorable.

It had no more than four tables on the inside and as we stepped in, the smell of waffles welcomed us! It was beautiful. The view from the small windows was beautiful in this moody weather, so I can only imagine how it must be in full sunshine.

We had a nice cup of coffee with a waffle (of course) and relaxed. Some hikers also came in completely soaked with rain and mud which conceived us we made the right choice.

We did get a glimpse of the waterfall though on our way back to the car.

Next stop was Ornes where we took a small ferry to Solvon back on the other side of the fjord. This ferry is not included in the pass that we had from the rental company. However, it was super cheap and you paid as you enter the ship. Nice and easy.

The crossing took around 15 minutes and we were on our way to our hotel for a nice hot shower.

For dinner, we when to Sogndal. Surprisingly there weren’t many options. Maybe it’s because tried to find something more traditional but there wasn’t any we could tell.

So we ended up in a Latin American restaurant called [name]. Again, not Norwegian, but the food was excellent. We had a shrimp tapas that was so good we ordered it twice.

Driving around Lustrafjorden was exactly what we needed after our glacier hike. There was another reason we needed to recover though… Next on our plan was kayaking on a glacier… Stay tuned to find out about it!

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