Salis Chelidonakis The Philanthropist Black Boatman| Secret History of Crete

Salis was one of the most known characters of the last century in the town of Chania. He was a descendant of slaves from the Egyptian occupation in Crete (1830–1840), with Sudanese origin. In 1856 Hatt-i Humayun abolished slavery, however many former slaves decided to remain in Chania and work as porters. From a veryContinue reading “Salis Chelidonakis The Philanthropist Black Boatman| Secret History of Crete”

One Day in London Walk Tour | UK Travel Guide

London is the capital of England, and the UK. And like every capital, there is so much to see and visit. But what happens when you only have one day to see as much as possible? It can be overwhelming to try to craft an itinerary that will allow seeing as much as possible andContinue reading “One Day in London Walk Tour | UK Travel Guide”

One Day in Littlehampton | UK Travel Guide

Summer is here, but unfortunately, travel restrictions are still in place. So to escape the city, we when for a weekend getaway to Littlehampton in the Arun District of West Sussex. It is a small seaside town in the Arun District of West Sussex. It is situated 83 km south-west of London and 31 km ofContinue reading “One Day in Littlehampton | UK Travel Guide”

Must Try Food When Visiting Greece

A great way to experience a country is through its food. And here is my list of must-try food when visiting Greece! Gyros Gyros is the Greek street food. It is made from pork or chicken meat, cooked on a vertical rotisserie and served wrapped in a pita along other ingredients like potato ships, tomatoesContinue reading “Must Try Food When Visiting Greece”

Εξερευνώντας τη Νέα Ζηλανδία – Κατάδυση στα Poor Knights Islands

Read this article in English: here Τα Poor Knights Islands είναι ένα θαλάσσιο και φυσικό καταφύγιο περίπου 20 χιλιόμετρα από την ακτή Tutukaka στο βόρειο νησί, και είναι διεθνώς γνωστά ως ένας από τους εξαιρετικούς προορισμούς καταδύσεων παγκοσμίως. Κλείσαμε το καταδυτικό κέντρο Yukon Diving τους οποίους συναντήσαμε στις 7:30 το πρωί στη μαρίνα του Tutukaka.Continue reading “Εξερευνώντας τη Νέα Ζηλανδία – Κατάδυση στα Poor Knights Islands”

Diving in Santorini – Greece Travel Guide

Santorini is one of, if not the most, famous Greek Island. It is known for its active volcano, dramatic rocky landscape, blue domes and unforgettable sunsets over the Aegean Sea. But in this article we will explore Santorini from another point of view, underwater. We booked two dives with Santorini Dive Center next to theContinue reading “Diving in Santorini – Greece Travel Guide”