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A Little About Greece

Greece is a country situated in southeastern Europe, and it is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea.

It is well known for being the birthplace of democracy, western philosophy, literature, political science, the Olympic Games as well as major scientific and mathematical principles.

Today it is one of the most popular holiday destination due to its hot and sunny summer, amazing beaches, a thousand of islands to visit, larger number of archaeological sites and amazing fresh food.

Things to know before travelling to Greece



The majority of the population, especially the younger people, know a little of English. So unless you find yourself in a lost mountain village with only grandmas and grandpas you will be to communicate for the basics.



You should be able to use your credit and debit card in most places, unless you find yourself in a lost mountain village then the little cafeneio owner probably don’t have a card machine


There are many ways to get around in Greece. Buses and ferries will get you almost anywhere you want. Whoever is your want to discover less know secrete places then renting a car is your best option.


Greece is known for its Mediterranean climate and hot summer, with mild winter with snow in high altitudes and 6 straighter months of sun in summer and up to 35 degrees.

Famous For

Parthenon, founder of democracy, history, turquoise water and sandy beaches, food.

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